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Organic Pest Control Options for Plants

As a Plant Parent, it’s only a matter of time before you will run across your fair amount of encounters with pests found in your plants. This to me has been one of the hardest parts of learning how to get rid of pests without killing my plant until recently. I used to hear consistently to use neem oil. However, for me, I ended up killing more plants than saving them when using this stuff. I. So I moved on with using other organic means of getting rid of these plant suckers and have gotten really good results both for preventative measures and to get rid of when infested. (Click here to view my video review on these insecticides.)

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Grow Lights that Work Indoors

Here are indoor lights that I personally use and know that work great! The Spectrum bulbs work great for medium to low light plants. The 12 pack are 4 feet long but when doubled up work great for bright indirect light plants or a single one for medium to low light plants. The 6 pack are purple light and work for most foliage plants however there are a few plants I’ve noticed that are fans of the purple grow lights. The 3 headed light is great because of the clamp style and will work for medium light plants and the miracle bulb is the closest comparable bulb I use for my rare philodendrons such as my PPP and White Wizard.

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Indoor Greenhouses Always a Good Idea! My Setup!

I’m so excited to have gotten my new greenhouse a few days ago. I’m not sure why it took so long for me to get my plants all setup into their new home environment but I can tell you I already can see they are going to LOVE the high humid and higher temp and well-lit environment I have set for this space. I’m sure I’ll change out a lot of them but I’m placing a lot of my rare androids and philodendrons as well as rehabbing high maintenance Caletheas that about died after being treated for mites. As some of you may know their leaves are super sensitive and hate neem! A lot of my leaves got burned so I’m hoping they are going to eventually come back. We’ll see.

I do have a new organic pesticide that works on all my plants that no longer is an issue with burning or damaging or being too harsh on a plant. I’m super thrilled to have found something else that works.

Onto the greenhouses that I HIGHLY RECOMMEND. The first that I have listed is the one that I got…It’s an actual walk-in one…I liked it because it has two sets of shelves and the middles are great to be able to add additional plants of course! However, I know not everyone has the space for this size so I am providing links to smaller sized options that are ones I would def purchase because of the high reviews and price points.

Let me know in the comments if you have purchased one and what you think of yours! I already had the lights for my greenhouse and humidifier reader I only need a fan to help circulate the very humid air. It’s measuring around 80 which is wild because the rest of my house is in the 50 range. I’m excited to see the results of how well the plants do in this new setup. Here is a TikTok Video of my son putting it together. I’ll have a second video of it being filled soon!

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