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Month: September 2018

Skinny Fat…It’s Real.

So in my journey of self-discovery and finding out I’m going on 40 before really knowing how to love myself…I’ve also realized I’m “Skinny Fat”.

Ugh and Yuck. I think being Skinny Fat is naturally easy to become…as it is a simple excuse as to not have to exercise…because who needs to really work out if you’re under 100 lbs and overall skinny and I mean you really don’t need to lose weight…am I right? Nope, Not today! Looking in the mirror and putting on my jeans I feel the extra softness I happen to call myself fluffy when referring to my side rolls and belly.

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Brave enough to be Vulnerable…

Ever so recently,

I’ve decided to start the journey of writing out my story. It’s been something that has been on my heart for a long time now but I’ve never quite had the courage to start. During these past weeks I’ve become brave enough to take the leap to share and open up a part of me that often times I’d rather simply forget. The question that I seemed to struggle with is why is it so important about sharing one’s story?

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Hitting Reset…

I can not believe it’s been over 6 years since I’ve seen the ocean and felt the warmth of the sand beneath my feet. It was a much-needed vacation for the entire family. For me, it was everything I needed right then and there. Our original objective for the trip down was to celebrate our friend’s wedding day who chose the beach to be the location of their ceremony. It was, of course, beautiful even between the shattered showers that were intermittent throughout but nothing is more beautiful than a couple choosing to the become one to start a new life together as they exchange vows that last for all eternity.

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