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Care.Share.Wear. Project

The Project

Hello! The idea for this project came to me back when I was running a successful online business, creating hand stamped custom jewelry pieces. I had hundreds if not thousands of stories told to me of how meaningful my handcrafted creations would become to not only my customers but to the people, they would go on to gift them to. It dawned on me how such a simple gift and gesture could easily brighten someone’s day to make them feel genuinely loved for day after day.

Knowing this it seemed only fitting to want to try to pass this onto not only loved ones we would know personally but to the people that we randomly come across in out day to day lives.

You know who, the one you end up making some sort of connection with, if only for a brief moment but long enough to have left an imprint. It is here I’d like to try to create an opportunity to make that connection more powerful and possibly ever lasting with the thoughtfulness of such a simple gift as these unity bracelets.

Intent To Care

As a gifter the idea is simple really…to be intentional with our thoughts and prayers for others…why because we all deserve to be cared for and prayed over and thought about and most of all feel loved. To wear a bracelet as a simple reminder to think of others beyond yourself on a regular and daily basis…isn’t that really what community and living for others is all about?

Share Your Story

If you are someone that has gotten involved with this project by either being a gifter or giftee, we would really love to hear your story of your experience you’ve had becoming a part of a committed community of like minded caring people.

Ways to share. We have a Private Facebook Page you are welcome to join at anytime. You don’t have to have been a receiver or giver of bracelets but do have to share with the intent to want to pray over like minded community of people that all aspire to inspire others by encouraging and uplifting one another.

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