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Current Send A Hug Bracelet Giveaway Contest!

To ease myself into possibly making bracelets again…I’ve decided to start off with this giveaway of my popular “Send A Hug” bracelets. These are simple way to send the message and remind someone how much you care.

These were are popular and great for any age and is something that can easily be worn everyday. It’s made with quality Waxed Linen Cotten cording that is long lasting and very durable. I’ve had customers that wore these everyday without taking them off.

They are also great for littles that are placed in an axious new setting away from home…it’s a quick simple reminder to them that you are thinking of them and that they are loved to give them a sense of comfort while away from you..also make great reminders of your littles as each one can easily represent a single child with a tiny small custom hand stamped charm placed with their initial on it.

As you can see these are perfect for sisters, mothers, besties…anyone that would appreciate the thoughfulness of you thinking of them and showing them you care.

To Enter…simply go to my Facebook or Instagram page and tag someone you think would love to be gifted one from you as it is a giveaway for a pair of these. Then in the second photo of the post guess the amount of hearts you think are in the photo. Closest one to the actual number there wins!

Click here to enter on my Facebook page.

Click here to enter on my Instagram.

As far as being able to purchase these…they will be available soon! These will be the very first set of anything jewelry wise I’ll be making available to purchase to ease my way back into creating and selling hand crafted pieces. If you are curious to know more as to why the resent blast of all things jewelry…go to my prior blog post found here.


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