Grow Lights that Work Indoors

Here are indoor lights that I personally use and know that work great! The Spectrum bulbs work great for medium to low light plants. The 12 pack are 4 feet long but when doubled up work great for bright indirect light plants or a single one for medium to low light plants. The 6 pack are purple light and work for most foliage plants however there are a few plants I’ve noticed that are fans of the purple grow lights. The 3 headed light is great because of the clamp style and will work for medium light plants and the miracle bulb is the closest comparable bulb I use for my rare philodendrons such as my PPP and White Wizard.

Indoor Plant Lights

Great for All Plants


Spectrum Replace Flowers Greenhouse Hydroponi

Shinestar 12 Pack Integrated Workshop Basemen

Integrated Fixture Extendable Greenhouse Inst

Grow Lights

Miracle Absolute Daylight Spectrum Grow


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Here are other lights I’ve looked at that I would highly consider purchasing for future use:

Indoor Plant Lights

Great for All Plants


Mars Hydro Hydroponic Thermometer Hygrometer

Viparspectra Spectrum Upgraded Dimmable Seedi

Hydrofarm Agrobrite Flt48 Fluorescent System

Lights Aokrean Dimmable Growing Adjustable

Mars Hydro 2 3×2 3ft Hydroponics Ventilation

Spectrum Succulent Hydroponics Vegetable Gree


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Are there ones that you use that you highly recommend? If so please share them in the comments!

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