Organic Pest Control Options for Plants

As a Plant Parent, it’s only a matter of time before you will run across your fair amount of encounters with pests found in your plants. This to me has been one of the hardest parts of learning how to get rid of pests without killing my plant until recently. I used to hear consistently to use neem oil. However, for me, I ended up killing more plants than saving them when using this stuff. I. So I moved on with using other organic means of getting rid of these plant suckers and have gotten really good results both for preventative measures and to get rid of when infested. (Click here to view my video review on these insecticides.)

Organic Insecticides

Bonide 652 Ready Insect Quart

Organic Insecticide Concentrated

Mostatto Ultrasonic Electronic Repellent Ware

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What I love about these options thus far none of the above I’ve had problems with the product burning any leaves or killing any of my leaves. They work on my very delicate plants such as Tradescantia that are even sensitive to tap water when sprayed on the leaves.

Also, they don’t have the smell that neem oil has which a lot of people do not like including myself.

As a bonus, it adds shine to the leaves!

The Ultrasonic Repellent but from what I’ve read I don’t know why this wouldn’t work as it is for indoor application and has seen many reviews of how this works well. (Please, if you are someone that has used this for house plants specifically and know if it works one now…let me know in the comments.)

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