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Finding A Pink Princess Philodendron

Over the course of the past couple of days, I got it in my head I “needed” a Pink Princess Philodendron. So my search began….I knew there was a better chance of me winning the lotto than finding one at any of my local nurseries, so I resorted to searching online. In doing so, I uncovered an underlying addiction to plant buying. I discovered quickly that it was going to be a nearly impossible feat in being able to find one under $200-$300. I looked into all the sources online and even found NEW apps to be able to buy plants from. YIKES, and did I ever find some plants. In my search and discovery of these new apps…I came across so many…(what it appeared to me) to be incredible deals of plants on my want list and plants I didn’t know were on my want list for exceptional prices. I say exceptional pricing lightly because they were still a lot of money for the rarer ones…but far less expensive than the going rate I was finding everywhere else.

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Quarantine & TikTok has me Obsessing Over Plants

I know I’m not the ONLY person to find this new addition, habit or hobby. I find myself literally obsessing and changing my entire daily routine to be about my PLANTS. I might have developed an issue as it’s gotten so bad. I can’t seem to find myself to want to think about much else…plants I want to buy…plants that I’m buying online…and checking on my plants and cuttings and leaves and soil and fertilizers and moisture levels. It’s a bit crazy but my thought process…if it’s easing my way through the extreme changes of what is going on around us then what’s it really hurting.

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Incredible DIY Macrame Projects & Inspired Ideas

I am seeing Macrame Projects make a huge comeback from when I was a child. It the new Boho Chic in home decore. Even so, with this not being a new technique, I am seeing macrame being crafted into all sorts of uses. So many in fact it almost becomes overwhelming on where you would even know where to start! You may find it suprises all the ways it can be used.

Take a look here at some simple DIY Macrame inspired ideas I’ve been coming across.

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