Shine Uganda Sponsor Item : Bread & Eggs


Every Saturday morning, around 360 children gather on the Shine compound to hear Bible stories and share food together. It is truly one of our favorite times of the week! Your gift of $40 provides 1/2 of the eggs and bread for one week. (If you’d like to sponsor the whole week, you are welcome increase the quantity to 2.) Giving this gift is feeding these precious children’s bellies and their hearts.

Your gift will also be empowering a mother in our program. The bread that is given is now a local snack called mandazi. A mother in our empowerment program received a business grant of all the equipment and initial ingredients needed to start a mandazi business and we now hire her weekly to provide 360 mandazis to the children!

Give the gift of a bicycle. Bikes are life-changing in Uganda, but often too expensive for families to afford. It can allow one of our teens, who is the head of their household, to travel to their boarding school and back on holidays. Maybe it will allow a single mom to get more of her crops to market or carry jerry cans of clean water more easily. Perhaps this bicycle will start a new business, transporting people like a taxi. Truly, giving a bicycle is opening freedom and hope for someone. Goats are an excellent gift for self-sustainability. Their nutritious milk is a blessing to any family, especially since goats are a low cost to maintain due to eating local grass. There is a high potential for income generation with goats having around 4 offspring every year. In addition to other self-sustainable uses, the manure can be used in the family’s garden, which is most family’s main source of food. Your gift of goats can truly be life changing to a family.

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This is purchased directly through Shine Uganda’s Official Site. I’m a proud promoter of this missionary as it happens to be ran by my brother and his family of 13! They’ve served many years in Uganda helping community villages and spreading God’s word. This one is very close to my heart. A place where they consider their second home I’m happy to be able to share a piece of their life and mission with you all here.


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Through several trips to Uganda since 2009 and their family putting down
roots along the Nile River in 2016, God grew Matt & Lovelyn’s
hearts for His people there. They found joyful, resilient, hard-working,
loving people who often found it very difficult to provide just basic
needs for their families: food, safe shelter, clean water, medical care,
and education. Sometimes these needs were so difficult to meet that
families were being torn apart and children actually becoming orphans
due to poverty.

Please Visit there Website to learn More about their Work and Mission.