Quarantine & TikTok has me Obsessing Over Plants

I know I’m not the ONLY person to find this new addition, habit or hobby. I find myself literally obsessing and changing my entire daily routine to be about my PLANTS. I might have developed an issue as it’s gotten so bad. I can’t seem to find myself to want to think about much else…plants I want to buy…plants that I’m buying online…and checking on my plants and cuttings and leaves and soil and fertilizers and moisture levels. It’s a bit crazy but my thought process…if it’s easing my way through the extreme changes of what is going on around us then what’s it really hurting.

Funny thing is, in Middle School and High School I was really big on plants…I had about a dozen or so different varieties that I had on a shelf stand in my room. Lots of experimenting of rooting and seeding things but then what I thought was something I grew out of…really didn’t re-stir in me until this year. I’ve always been a plant lover but not to the extreme as it’s been here lately.

So how bad has it gotten really? Well, bad enough I probably now have over 60 (70 now) varieties of plants in my house not to count the ones I’ve purchased for my front porch and back patio areas. However, I’ve had a lot of fun learning new ways of propagating and seeding and growing new plants. My largest collection of a particular species of plant would be my pothos collection, then my peperomias then would have to be my hoyas (however they are extremely slow-growing). I currently have 16 pothos varieties in my possession, some only as cuttings but before COVID hit I thought pothos was just a plant and that was it. Lol. I even had a sad-looking golden pothos in my sunroom about to die, I believe the only plant in that room besides a Peace Lily that struggled to stay alive from lack of waterings. Now, you wouldn’t recognize that room because I probably have 30 different plants in there now.

I’ve found myself not only spending a lot of time taking care of each plant but then also researching how to take care of them or to discover different varieties of a specific species to collect. Like with the pothos…I’ve felt passionate about trying to collect all of them…even some of the rarest varieties you can find! From Global Green Pothos, Emerald Green Pothos, Pearls and Jade, Glacier, N Joy, Manjula, and even a Jessinia my most expensive one. Majorities of these purchased as only cuttings too! Insane what I girl will pay for a leaf and a node. 

Anyhow, I’ve never been entirely too big on collecting things (I state this but this isn’t entirely true….I think I have formed a bad habit of it.) Anyhow, for whatever reason, plants are my thing to obsessively want to collect, with there being an endless stream of variations and species…I can see how people can easily get swept into wanting more constantly. I keep thinking ok I think I have the bulk of what I’ve been wanting then find an entire NEW species I become excited about and again this feeling I need to have them all.

One thing that hasn’t helped is my activity on TikTok…it appears I’m not the only one that has grown this new passion and a new green thumb. There’s a whole community of people just like me there…what’s bad about is they all encourage my addiction in discovering new plants that I want all the time. If you like you are welcome to follow me there and see what I mean with my new hobby gone overboard. https://www.tiktok.com/@sobeinspired

How about you? What have you uncovered during this quarantine? Any new surprising new hobbies or pass-times you didn’t think you had in you until now?

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