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Skinny Fat…It’s Real.

So in my journey of self-discovery and finding out I’m going on 40 before really knowing how to love myself…I’ve also realized I’m “Skinny Fat”.

Ugh and Yuck. I think being Skinny Fat is naturally easy to become…as it is a simple excuse as to not have to exercise…because who needs to really work out if you’re under 100 lbs and overall skinny and I mean you really don’t need to lose weight…am I right? Nope, Not today! Looking in the mirror and putting on my jeans I feel the extra softness I happen to call myself fluffy when referring to my side rolls and belly.

I blame it on my baby weight (even though my last baby is now an almost 3-year-old toddler) and think somehow it will all magically disappear (it’s called denial). I mean it wasn’t too long ago…(over 10 years ago…eye roll) that I could literally eat 6 cheeseburgers…sneeze…fart and viola have a six-pack. The metabolism that naturally came in abundance for me then…now at age 37 has become rare as the mystical unicorn we all as adults still want to believe is real (well at least I do).

In my eye waking moments of learning yes you can be a skinny fat…

as I googled how to lose the tummy lumps and bumps…it jump-started me to want to do something about it. Why now…why all sudden…well because as a professional procrastinator, I had a beach wedding to attend to in a matter of days…even though I had known about it all year. Yes, this was my sad attempt of living my days as a twenty-something-year-old thinking that I would only need 2 days to get rid of my baby weight and my years of a lazy non-work out body. I will say this…there are 3 specific things that did help me achieve weight loss around my midsection which I will share below and cost me nothing.

But back to this for a moment…

I had spent all my time since having my 3rd baby thinking my body would somehow bounce back to what it was pre-baby. I mean why on earth would I think such a ridiculous thing?! Well because for most of my life I’ve always been told I’m too skinny. Skinny in a form that wasn’t always nice…skinny in direct correlation of that I must be bulimic or have some sort of eating disorder but in fact couldn’t have been further from the truth. I was yes….get this…WAS a fortunate *fill in the blank* (I’ve heard it all) person to have been able to eat anything and not gain an ounce. Actually had the opposite affect…had to be careful of not losing too much weight as I easily lost 5lbs just sleeping. Yes, I can feel your eye roll…

I know…I’m already hearing the boo hoos from those that think their struggle with losing weight is so much more justified to take notice but let me tell you having people come up to you and directly tell you to your face, you need to eat a cheeseburger or whisper and point at me saying look at her she’s anorexic, I can only imagine as being just as hurtful as being told you’re overweight and be told directly you should lose some weight.

So I’m grateful to have had this wedding to get my butt in gear to finally START in my attempts to tone up and more importantly start exercising. This journey of learning how to really love who I am…and respect myself has also helped me recognize and motivate me to wanting to start taking care of my body to show my ownself self-love and respect. I will share with you the three things that really help jumpstart results that I was able to see only after a couple of days!

One thing I did before I started to exercise was to start drinking more water.

Let me tell you this is a hard one for me because I’m a person that normally spends an entire day and not really drink anything other than maybe a cup of coffee. Most times I would wait until I was completely dehydrated to want to guzzle down like 2-3 glasses of water in a row. I know totally healthy and the normal thing to do.

So for me to know I needed to drink 4 pints of water, it seemed to be an impossible feat. To be honest, I have yet to accomplish this goal…I’ve only been able to do a mere 2 pints…although I think one day I had done 3 with my morning coffee ( so close…I’m pretty sure I deserve a sticker ). However, the benefits to my efforts of drinking more water is that it’s made me more regular and it seems to now make me bloat less which is odd for me because water used to bloat me like a hot air balloon…although downfall I need to go to the potty multi times a day which I’m not used to.

The other is that I decided to try a DIY home wrap that is super simple.

The only thing that you may or may not have is Ginger. I happen to have had some ground up ginger in the fridge that is dispensed from a tube from a previous recipe ( yes sounds delicious right ) yack, I know. Other than that ingredient you should have lotion and saran wrap (fun side note I’ve always called it saran wrap until this very moment…palm to the head). So that’s it. The wrap is super simple. From what I’ve read ginger helps detox your body. I only had done mine for as long as I could take it which was a couple of hours but from posts I’ve read, it says to try to do it for overnight. I’m not sure I could sleep well if having it on…not that it’s uncomfortable but I’m weird about feeling constrained when sleeping in bed.

So I lotioned up using a mixture of thick eczema lotion and ginger (I’ve heard some use vaper rub…not sure about that one) then placed the saran wrap around my body covering all the areas where the lotion mix was applied. I then…to help hold it in place put a pair my Spanx like bottoms on that covered my midsection. This wrap is also good for thighs and back, but for me, I was focusing on my fluffy belly and sides. The result for me is that is definitely lessened the look of my muffin top and made my skin butter soft. Combined that with the light exercising that focused on my core body…it was a noticeable difference for me even after only one time doing this.

Then there is of course that fun (not so fun) activity we like to call exercise.

I ended up downloading 4 or 5 versions there are 2 that I really like…one that is free because of ad placement and the other is a monthly membership that I’m currently trying out for free. There are a lot of great ones out there…but I suggest you get a bunch to try out and from there choose the one you’d like to work with daily or on a regular basis. The one that I started with starts with only 5 min increments of exercises and only once a day and has for breaks then building on that adding more time and more exercises over time. So when you do your first workout…(mine had been for years)…you’ll have heart rate up and breathing but not hating what the time you spent doing it…and it’s over before you know it.

Your body also doesn’t hate you. Although mind did a bit I was that out of shape! Don’t judge me…I sit most days in front of a computer and I like Gelato Ice Cream. But for real…I like these apps because it times each exercise and tells you when to take a break and lets you know when work out is complete then reminds you again when it’s time to do it all again. It’s great. A lot of them also allow you to switch up your focus areas…mine happens to be my fluffy midsection but you can focus on legs, butt, arms, back…etc.

That’s it really…water, wrap and exercise apps. It’s nothing magical or mysterious here like I discovered some great cure to fluffy muffin tops…

but wanted to share the key component is that it’s all happening because I STARTED! I’ve been saying for years now and well I’m finally getting to it and yes the wedding had a role in helping me jumpstart it all but ultimately it’s because I’m in the new frame of mind and learning to really value who and what I am enough to want to better myself in every way possible which happens to be my health.

What do I have to show for it…I don’t have photos…I’m not the inspiration post nor am I aiming for that here…I’m simply sharing my start of a new path of self-love and accepting that hey I’m a Skinny Fat and I’m choosing to do something about it. Why…because I am finally in a place where I respect myself enough to live healthier.


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